A Literary Analysis of My Online Dating Inbox

Hot_Rob says:

You look like you have hot boob. Lol!


Ms_MollyBloom says:

Your use of language experimentation reminds me of the whimsy of an e.e. cummings poem or the self-delighted poetics of Billy Collins. The affective fallacy would dictate that my current psychological state can only be categorized as ebullient.


BongoKevin says:

Cute pics.


Ms_MollyBloom says:

Of course one must address the theoretical implications of beauty when aesthetics are forefront in mainstream art and communication. Aesthetic experience as a concept can be so difficult to put into words. I appreciate the stark simplicity of your diction here. I love the tragedy of your implication that as we rely wholly on beauty as a measure we remove ourselves and become simply material objects to be consumed.


CooldudeDave says:

7/10. Would pollinate.


Ms_MollyBloom says:

Surrealism! Hurrah! This has the quality of a Joycean stream of consciousness. Or perhaps I detect notes of your fear of an Orwellian post-dystopia where humans are reduced to numbers and our breeding becomes dependent on the interaction of insects?


Fun_Guy4u_8 says:



Ms_MollyBloom says:

Indeed. I love a good Robert Burns poem when I’m out of cigarettes and I’ve drunk too much Scotch. Your abstract quality calls to mind the vivid, precise detail of a finely composed tweet. Somehow my only reaction is the dull feeling that I want to lock all the doors and write a villanelle with the word isopod in it.


514Surfing says: 

Hey there, well I’m going to be straight up and cut to the chase…

I’ve got a big car, a big house, a big heart, a big personality, a big wallet and a big package.

No games. No bullshit.

Chat sometime?


Ms_MollyBloom says:

Hyperbole at its best. And a smack of alliteration thrown in for good measure. Chekhov once described becoming a writer as “squeezing the serf out of one’s soul.” I appreciate your comment on class as a means of arbitrary self-determination; so poignant in this increasingly materialistic and social-media-directed world.


_StudMuffin85 says:

um now what? We chat, skype or we meet up?


Ms_MollyBloom says:

Your message found its way to me despite the multitude of possibilities that something at any point could have gone wrong. So many actions and reactions were required for us to even exist in the first place, so let’s leave it up to chance, to the fickle orchestrated random heart of the universe to decide. “Now what?” indeed.

“Every discourse, even a poetic or oracular sentence, carries with it a system of rules for producing analogous things and thus an outline of methodology.” — Jacques Derrida


PrivilegeMail says:

Married, discreet, looking to connect with a random cool person, maybe u?


PrivilegeMail says:

would u be down if I paid u?


Ms_MollyBloom says:

How better to reconcile the unjust social systems that position women as objects of lesser value than to offer up your economic power?

“Not to be needed is a slow death for a man.” ― John Gray, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus


MagicMan says:



Ms_MollyBloom says:

Right. Let’s do away with the formality and distance of language.

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