Education / Outreach

Feathertale offers two unique programs directed toward youth


Feathertale was founded in 2004 as an educational publisher with distribution links direct to school boards across Canada. Though Feathertale has evolved into more of a cultural brand devoted to the publication of literary satire, we have maintained our educational mandate. We continue to provide copies of The MISadventures of Bully-Boy & Gossip-Girl — the anti-bullying comic book series that we launched in collaboration with the United Way and with the support of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.

In addition to our anti-bullying resources, Feathertale offers creative writing workshops for youth that can be taken online or through our “Story Mountain” outreach program in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Toronto.

For more information on our Creative Writing Workshops click here.

For more information on our Anti-Bullying programs click here.