Feathertale contributor illustrates collector coin for Royal Canadian Mint

Joel Kimmel gold collectors coin Royal Canadian Mint

Congratulations to Feathertale contributor Joel Kimmel who has been commissioned to produce a collector coin for the Royal Canadian Mint.

Kimmel says this is the “type of dream job that is such a dream that it doesn’t even make the list of dream jobs, it seems so unattainable.”

The Ontario-based artist was asked to illustrated a coin celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the Last Spike and the completion of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. The coin is available in gold, with a rare mintage of 300, as well as silver, with a mintage of 5,000.

Blue monkey fanboys and girls that you are, you are probably most familiar with Kimmel’s work from Feathertale 11’s endpapers. But his artistic talents have been put to use elsewhere, too: ESPN, The New York Times and Playboy to name a few.

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