What sort of person reads Feathertale?
First and foremost, a human person. Someone with a distinct lack of money but a refined sense of style. A postmodern dandy who sips Scotch from a bottle, smokes tobacco from a pipe, and reads Kant from a toilet. An overeducated underachiever and armchair aesthete who likes Oxford commas, but has little use for semicolons. A tragic figure trapped in the purgatorial state that exists between the end of childhood and the onset of dementia. They are the twentysomethings and the thirtysomethings. The aspiring thespians, novelists and musicians of a new generation locked in a battle against their own mediocrity. They are the suburban-born urban dwellers who long for a life that’s so unpretentious it’s pretentious again. They are the ones who prefer vinyl to digital, tweed to latex, and an Underwood to underwear. Whatever their vocation (many of them have none), they take comfort in our store and find solace within our pages. And when they’re done with those pagers, they tend to throw them in the recycling bin, because they’re conscious of their environment and mindful that they have to pay for the extravagance of their parents’ and grandparents’ generations.

Who’s running this thing?
That’s a good question. Here’s our masthead:

Publisher — D’Artagnan
Editorial Department
Editor — Brett Popplewell bpopplewell@feathertale.com
Deputy Editor — Benson Lee blee@feathertale.com
Senior Editor — Corina Milic cmilic@feathertale.com

Art Department
Creative Director — Lee H. Wilson lwilson@feathertale.com
Art Directors — Jennifer Lawrence, Kara Pyle
Senior Contributors
Senior Writer-At-Large — Kevin Scanlon
Junior Writer Emeritus — Iain Marlow
Desert Correspondent — Jonathan Danielson
Intern (on leave) — Katie Daubs

Who is D’Artagnan?
D’Artagnan is the name given to the blue monkey who seems to appear on all things Feathertale. What’s his story? Why is he blue? We’ve been asking those questions for ten years now but still haven’t figured it out.

Do you have an archive of everything you’ve ever published online?
We do! It doubles as our contributors’ section.

Does Feathertale have a privacy policy?
Feathertale will not sell your personal information or share it with anyone else, unless offered the equivalent of $17,000,000 in severed Barbie doll heads and all the wooden shoes in Holland. If for any reason, at any time, you would like your information removed from our records, contact our webmonkey: webmonkey@feathertale.com.

How is it that Feathertale actually exists?
Feathertale exists thanks to the generosity of its subscribers and to the support of The Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts who assist in funding our publishing operations.



Do you have a copyright policy?
Copyright 2005-2018 Feathertale and its contributors. All rights reserved. Some of the work on this website is non-fiction based on true events that occurred in the life of the author. Any offensive references to persons living or dead is done with satirical intent. All other work is fictitious. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

Is Feathertale Canada’s most decorated small illustrated literary humour magazine?
We like to think so, but we’re vain little people. Here’s a list of some of the decorations that line the walls of the Ottawa post office box we like to call our HQ:

2020 National Magazine Award (Gold)
Art Direction
Jenn Lawrence, Kara Pyle
The Feathertale Review #25

2020 National Magazine Award (Honourable Mention)
Single Issue Grand Prix 2016
The Feathertale Review #25

2020 National Magazine Award (Honourable Mention)
Best Magazine: Art, Literary and Culture

2018 National Magazine Award (Honourable Mention)
Art Direction
Jenn Lawrence, Kara Pyle
The Feathertale Review #22

2016National Magazine Award (Honourable Mention)
Art Direction
Charlit Floriano, Jenn Lawrence, Lee H. Wilson
The Feathertale Review #18

2016 National Magazine Award (Honourable Mention)
Emmanuelle Chateauneuf
“Dale River”
The Feathertale Review #18

2015 National Magazine Award (Gold)
Jacob Pacey
“My Life as a Failing Comedian”
The Feathertale Review #15

2014 National Magazine Award (Gold)
Richard Light
“Reviews of my dreams from last night”
The Feathertale Review #13

2014 National Magazine Award (Silver)
Best Single Issue
The Feathertale Review #14

2013 National Magazine Award (Honourable Mention)
Alex Gorodskoy
“Dramatis Personae”
The Feathertale Review #12

2013 National Magazine Award (Honourable Mention)
Personal Journalism
Samantha Mehra Donaldson
Eat It

2012 National Magazine Award (Gold)
Best Single Issue
The Feathertale Review #9

2012 National Magazine Award (Silver)
Cathal Kelly
“Feathertale man rewrites history, says his version ‘better’”
The Feathertale Review #9

2010 National Magazine Award (Gold)
Best Covers
Dani Crosby, Lee H. Wilson, Brett Popplewell
The Feathertale Review #6 

2010 National Magazine Award (Honourable Mention)
Dani Crosby
The Feathertale Review #6

2009 Society of Illustration West 48 (LA)
Cover Art
Oleg Portnoy
The Feathertale Review #4

Is Feathertale available in libraries?
Hard copies of The Feathertale Review are archived by several libraries, notably: Library and Archives Canada; the Toronto Reference Library and the Dorothy H. Hoover Library at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

What else is there to say about Feathertale?
The Feathertale Review (ISSN 1911-2734) is published twice a year by Feathertale, PO Box 291, Ottawa, Ontario, K4M 1A3, Canada. Publisher’s mail agreement: 4236539. The Review is printed by the Prolific Group of Winnipeg and is distributed in Canada by Magazines Canada and Disticor Distributors, and in the United States by Ubiquity Distributors.