About the Review:
The Feathertale Review is a Canadian National Magazine Award-winning publication devoted to high- and low-brow humour. It is a collection of the best from our website in addition to original cartoons, interviews, works of poetry and short fiction that are previously unpublished. The Review comes out twice a year and is distributed to bookstores across Canada and the United States.

Feathertale’s mandate is to be an innovative voice for a new generation of Canadian creators, and a forum and incubator for artistic genius. We strive to be at the fore of Canadian literary humour, showcasing the work of writers and artists for domestic and international audiences. Each issue tries to inspire its readers and contributors, challenging their view of what a magazine can be. In past years we have presented Feathertale as, among other things, a literary cookbook, an LP, and as something that looked like an old newspaper but was actually closer to what Sylvanus Urban would have considered a magazine when he created the first one in 1731.

The Review is distributed in Canada by Magazines Canada. You can also buy it online from this site.