The Worm

The worm crawls through the crowd
Waiting for no one
The worm doesn’t bother with lineups,
Wastes no time with indecision

The worm chooses his words wisely and effectively
And thus is seldom (if ever) heard
The worm doesn’t care if you are pretty
Or have nice bangs
He just wants to be handled
With grace

The worm has basic functional organs
Useful for seventh-grade dissections
He knows and accepts that
His tastes are simple
He leaves complexities to animals dissected
In high school

The worm is sick of being vilified
Of being put in the same category as maggots
Now those are dirty creatures

The worm thinks he looks cute wearing
A jaunty red satin ribbon
He doesn’t think it dampens his masculinity
Thank you very much, and
Contrary to popular opinion,
The worm knows his head from his ass
And doesn’t appreciate you slicing him
With a dull butter knife
To see if what’s left can move
And for how long

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