Questions About This Book For Your Readers’ Group

  1. Were you surprised when the antelope danced with the orangutan?
  2. Which of the three women stole the bowl full of wallpaper paste?
  3. Was the ménage a trois convincing?
  4. What motivated Stanley to learn to play the bagpipes? Why did he want to play them in the submarine?
  5. When Gretta poured the syrup over Elizabeth’s head, why did Edith run screaming from the room?
  6. Did she really believe it when Elizabeth told Stanley his head looked like an old-fashioned telephone?
  7. Was the hambone on the hearth a symbol or a metaphor? Was this a reference to a Shakespeare play?
  8. Why did the author inject a flapping halibut into the scene in the lecture hall?
  9. Were there literally too many cooks? Did they really spoil the stew? Was it stew or goulash?
  10. Did Elizabeth’s mother have any children she didn’t know about?
  11. Why parsley?
  12. Why did the author choose the title The Grapes the Fox Stole from the Kumquats at Yakina Head?
  13. Was Gretta’s brother really a barber?
  14. Why was Bangladesh mentioned on page 375?
  15. How many jellybeans do you think there were in the jar?
  16. Did you find the ending satisfying or disappointing? Do you think the antelope was happy? Do you think the antelope will ever dance again?
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