A Whale Tale

I hope ye don’t find
this question silly,
‘Ave you ever bin to sea Billy?

Take it from me
there’s no better life
than a ship fer a friend
and the sea fer a wife.

Dressed in me slicker
of fisherman yellow
Me mates all remark
There goes a fine fellow.

I love to taste salt
and smell of fish.
But if I could have
just one sweet wish,
I’d capture a whale
and yell “Dar she blows!”
While you take a photo
jus’ so everyone knows.

We’d tell CNN
I’d captured dat whale.
Then later I’d list ‘er
on eBay fer sale.

We’d pack up our trunks
head down to the Keys.
There’s more than one place
to sail on the seas.

We’d be livin’ like kings
And gettin’ our kicks
Makin’ breakfast at noon
From a box of fish sticks.

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