The Feathertale Review No.14 comes with a spiffy new animated trailer


“The best issue of Feathertale since the last issue of Feathertale.”

The Feathertale Review 14 is out now! Watch the trailer below for all the juicy details about this extra-special edition. Then order it here or pick it up at bookstores across Canada.

This issue is the end result of a creative and social experiment: a magazine with two beginnings and no end, presented to you like an old vinyl record. Like an LP, this issue has two sides. Unlike an LP, those two sides are equal in merit: that is, the stories, poems and illustrations you find on the B-side are just as entertaining as those on the A-side.

What’s more, the two sides of the magazine mirror each other. We recently approached thirty writers and told them we had fifteen story titles they could choose to write from. Each writer could take on one title, but each title required two writers. The pairings were not meant to spur a creative duel, but rather a creative duality. And in the end to prove that old adage: that no two minds actually think alike.

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