Feathertale’s Pop-Up Shop makes the news

For the second year in a row, Feathertale opened up a pop-up store called LitBang! in downtown Toronto. Located  at 982 Queen St. West on April 7 and runs through the month.

The store is called LitBang! and though it kind of sounds like a dispensary and looks like a burlesque parlour, it’s actually something way better.

LitBang! Small Press Pop Up Store was written up this week in Now magazine as a hip and trendy showcase. It’s a café, storefront and event space dedicated to artists and writers and put on by some of this country’s top literary magazines.

It’s also an experiment and response to the collapse of the traditional newsstand. LitBang! takes literary magazines off the bottom shelf of newsstands and out of the dusty corners of bookstores and puts them front and centre in a dedicated storefront and event venue like no other in town.

The store runs until April 30 and is open Tuesday-Friday from 1-7 and on weekends 11-5. I’ll personally be there every Thursday and Friday.

The whole thing has been funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and is being put on in partnership with carouselmagazineBroken Pencil MagazineTaddle Creek and Poetry Is Dead Magazine.

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