Feathertale Wins National Magazine Award for Humour — Again

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For the second year in a row, Feathertale has won Gold in the humour category at the National Magazine Awards. This year’s award went to Jacob Pacey, a writer and comedian from Toronto. Pacey is a frequent contributor to our pages. His work has also appeared on CBC Radio One and in CollegeHumor and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. He won the award for his story “Your Daily Life As A Failing Comedian” in the fan fiction special of The Feathertale Review No.15Pacey’s story, which was inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure books of his youth, stood out to judges as being both a brilliant piece of fan fiction and a poignant work of autobiographical tragedy.

Pacey is the third Feathertale contributor to win this award. Richard Light won the National Magazine Award for humour in 2015 for his story “Reviews of My Dreams from Last Night” which appeared in The Feathertale Review No.13Cathal Kelly won the award in 2013 for his story “Feathertale man rewrites history, says his version ‘much better’” in The Feathertale Review No.9


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