About the Bully-Boy Project


Feathertale has spent a decade working with educators across the country to minimize the bystander factor in schools in an effort to empower children and youth to stand together against the mistreatment of their peers.

Financed by the United Way and published by the Ottawa Sun, the first issue of The MISadventures of Bully-Boy & Gossip-Girl was released in 2003 to an overwhelming success with 25,000 copies dispersed to schools across North America. A second issue was published by the Ottawa Citizen in 2004. It included interactive activities for children to learn more about bullying prevention. Some 45,000 copies of that issue have been used by teachers and students across Canada.

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation has endorsed our latest installment of The MISadventures of Bully-Boy & Gossip-Girl and its accompanying teachers’ guide as appropriate curriculum for elementary students (grades 4 to 8). The Federation also generously translated the comic book, posters, and the teacher’s guide into French.

“This book is a wonderful educational tool that will hopefully help young people understand the importance of being ethical and responsible citizens,” says Emily Noble, past president of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.


Our latest comic book deals with cyber-bullying and promotes the message that students can have a positive impact in their school by ceasing to be silent bystanders. It also provides tips for starting up a student-led campaign against bullying and comes complete with anti-bullying posters and lesson plans for teachers and administrators looking to implement the program in their classrooms or schools. The MISadventures of Bully-Boy & Gossip-Girl is being used in classrooms across the country with more than 70,000 students having read and learned from our materials. The latest comic is available for purchase as a single comic book or as a classroom set. Orders will be filled immediately upon receipt and should arrive to you and your school within one to four weeks.

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