There’s a rumour going round everywhere
that people belong in pairs,
that love is eternal and fires infernal
will burn up the spurned,
while sinners don’t have a prayer.

There’s a rumour going round, so I’m told,
that everyone ought to grow old,
and it’s a scandal to burn your candle
at both ends with your friends
although it holds off the dark and the cold.

There’s a rumour going round, so I’ve heard,
that love is the final word,
and those who like lust will turn into dust
because whatever pleases gives horrible diseases
and they will all die and be interred.

There’s a rumour going round, so they say,
that life must be lived just one way,
that good never fails and justice prevails
and the bad are always sad
and every dog has his day.

There’s an awful lot of rumours going round
if you keep your ear to the ground,
but don’t be in a hurry to get real worried.
What the fuck, trust your luck,
because mostly it’s all bullshit, so I’ve found.

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