Interstellar Guru, Wet By Goo

Donkey trudged up the self-help section. The cart Donkey
had been pulling finally squeezed out its final squeak.
“Bring out your deads,” cried Bellion. “My what?” I asked.
“Your left. Self-help is on your left, sir,” said a beleaguered
Bellion, who still had much re-shelving to do. I began to
un-shelve colorful oblong shapes which disturbed the many
sleeping rows of same. Pounds of knowledge were at my
fingertips. My fingertips distractedly stroked Donkey’s
head. Donkey padded. I read on: Tip number one: when
filling in alien mind-control tests, always answer, no.
Good advice, I thought, just say no to intergalactic brain-
sucking. “But, say yes to carrots, right,” asked Donkey.
“I wouldn’t know,” I said “I never keep with carrots.”
“Hmph,” said Donkey, “ghmph.”

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