God’s been taking Spanish lessons.
He goes down to the community centre after work
for the intermediate class:
Mondays, 7 to 9 p.m.,
Wednesdays, same time.

If you take a peek into classroom #13,
you can see Him there in the back
conjugating -ir verbs
with the snowbirds, brushing up
for next season.

Of course, He already knows it,
or most of it, but
a little refresher can’t hurt.

The teacher’s a lovely woman
who also runs the movie palace down the road.
A beautiful old one-screen theatre,
but don’t bother going there on Monday or Wednesday,
they’re closed.

At first, she was a little nervous
to be teaching Him,
but He’s just so nice and
He’s always asking such funny questions,
like, “Señora,
how would you say,
‘Brood of vipers’ or
‘It is finished’?”

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