We are currently looking for humorous submissions to both our Spring and Fall issues of 2015. If you have a story or poem you’d like to submit, please send it to submissions@feathertale.com with the word “Review” in the subject line. You may also inquire directly with the editors about what sort of stories we are currently looking for.


About the Review:
The Feathertale Review is a Canadian National Magazine Award-winning publication devoted to high- and low-brow humour. It is a collection of the best from our website in addition to original cartoons, works of poetry and short fiction that are previously unpublished. The Review comes out twice a year and is distributed to bookstores across Canada and the United States.


How to contribute:
Any work already posted on our website is automatically eligible for publication in the Review. If you haven’t been published on our website, you may still submit directly to the Review. For each Review we look for several new funny stories, humorous poems and quirky cartoons. If you’re not sure what to contribute, we recommend you pick up a copy of one of our previous issues to get a sense whether your work fits our style. 


Submitting to the Review:
We prefer that all submissions to The Feathertale Review be sent as email attachments to submissions@feathertale.com. Please include the word “Review” in your subject line, otherwise your submission may be considered for our online publication.
Submissions may also be sent by post to:

PO Box 5023,
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K2C 3H3


Please allow up to three months for a reply to your submissions. If you wish to have your submission returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with either Canadian postage or international postage coupons. Short-fiction submissions can range from five to 5,000 words, though space for larger pieces is often limited. All submissions to the Review should be previously unpublished. If you’re submitting poetry, please send no more than four poems.


If you are interested in illustrating for one of our next issues, please contact our art director Lee Wilson at lwilson@feathertale.com. High-res scans or photographs of your work will be required if you are chosen for publication in the Review.
Before submitting, be sure to note we only publish humorous work.


We buy first North American serial rights or reprint rights.


We have been known to be miserable misers, but work published in the Review will be paid for.


The Review is distributed in Canada by Magazines Canada, and in the United States by Ubiquity.