The Iceberg Skier

Illustration by Kara Pyle

There once was a man who loved to ski. One day he fell out of a helicopter and landed on an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean. When he woke up, there was a penguin standing over him.

“I fell out of a helicopter too,” the penguin said.

The man tried to imagine this but couldn’t. “So I guess we have that in common,” he said. “How are you able to talk, anyway?”

The penguin ignored the question and said, “This is a famous iceberg, you know. It’s the one that sank the Titanic.”

“Bullshit,” the man said.

The penguin raised its flippers. “No bullshit.”

The man sat up. It was cold and desolate and he felt alone.

“What do you eat around here?” he asked the penguin.

“Fish,” the penguin replied.

“I hate fish,” the man said.

“Then I guess you’re fucked,” the penguin said, diving into the water.

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