The Dingo Deliberations

“I wanna name the baby ‘Dingo,’” said Natalie.

“Christ’s sake, Natalie, grow up. We aren’t gonna call it ‘Dingo.’”

“Actually, I kind of like ‘Dingo.’ For a boy, right?”

“For a boy or for a girl.”

“If it’s a girl it has to be something more girl-like. I dunno, maybe ‘Dinguette?’”

“A dingo is a fuckin’ kind of animal. It’s a type of wallaby.”

“I hope it’s a girl. I don’t want another brother.”


“I’m not calling my baby ‘Dingo.’ Period. Okay?”

“Relax, hon. It’s all our baby. Natalie’s, too.”

“Can we? Can we?”

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