Gentlemen Prefer Bikinis

An old-fashioned neon sign swayed in the breeze above the entrance of Burt’s Men’s Wear. Johnny Corbay, the lone sales clerk, stood amongst several racks of suits while brushing lint from a navy blazer.

A shabby-looking man entered the store and looked around for a moment before glaring at Johnny. “Where the hell’s the underwear?”

Johnny promptly escorted the customer to the appropriate aisle. “Right this way, sir. Do you have a preference? We carry different styles. Bikinis, boxers, briefs.”

“Briefs,” barked the customer.

Johnny smiled politely. “We also have a wide selection of colours, sir. Red, green, royal blue.”

The customer snatched a pair off the shelf. “White,” he uttered with a snarl. “I prefer to colour them myself.”

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