Desiderata on Farting

Bake a nut cake. Juggle eggs, purple cabbages and chili sauce. Crank to engender expansive steamed mussels. Brown some Jalapenos. Add lima beans cautiously. Measure tone and temperature. Calibrate the embouchure. Become one with your sphincter. Get a grip, and stand clear of the hot house doors. Exercise extreme care.

Let it rip as hard as local bylaws permit. Scorch the earth, take no prisoners, unleash the hounds of hell. Wallow. Remember what peace there be in silence. Breathe into your stomach. Embrace the thunderous aroma. Remember, yours smell sweet, always, unlike the fetid stench of others’. Smile like brazed broccoli in relaxed sunshine. Check for barnyard cow licks and carrot topped Rorschach tests. Acknowledge applause from the deaf. Strive to be happy.

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