I do hope you’ll make a fire this Christmas.
I don’t think so. The rabbit’s in the fireplace.
Why did you stick it in there?
Realistically, how many fires are we going to build?
It’s Cyclone’s home now.
The girls came up with it.
Where’d they get that name from?
I don’t know. They’re kids. What am I going to say, “You can’t call your rabbit Cyclone, try something else?”
I’m sure you clean up after it.
They help.
It’ll ruin the fireplace, you watch.
A fireplace is made of stone. You burn stuff in it.
How can a rabbit ruin it?
Think when you try to sell the place — buyers will come look and see a rabbit in there.
So big deal, they see a rabbit. Like they’re going to say, “No, we’re not taking it, you’ve kept a rabbit in the fireplace!”
They might.
But we’re not selling anyway, so what difference does it make?
Just get it out of there for Christmas.
Fine, we’ll kick him out on the 24th. Merry Christmas, Mr. Rabbit.
It’s all the same to a rabbit anyway. The point is you want to have a nice traditional day for the family.
But where will Cyclone stay? Plus, his house will be filthy when we move him back in.
A rabbit shouldn’t be there in the first place. Build it a cage.
Right, with all my free time.
Do it in stages. Piecemeal.
And where do we put this cage?
I don’t know, down in the basement, wherever. Not in the fireplace, that’s for sure.

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