Between Lagers and Urinations: Memories from Last Night at the Pub

I go to the pub with my friends from work (Kevin’s round of lagers) and we talk about work. We talk about football. We talk about holidays. We talk about sex (Oliver’s first piss). We talk about experience and the fundamental limitations of the imagination. Oliver has an example of the limitations of the imagination in his choosing of a career, and we talk about his dreams (Kevin’s first piss, my first piss, Oliver’s round of lagers). We talk about the world, we talk about suffering (Oliver’s second piss) and we talk about living with hypocrisies. Kevin has an example of hypocrisy in his sex life so we talk about sex again. We talk about altruism and then we talk about Oliver’s holiday as he claims that he saved someone on the beach in Turkey (my round of lagers). We talk about how humans are viscerally condescending towards each other (Oliver’s third piss). We talk about the internal tensions and struggles within everyone. We talk about whether empathy is the most important thing to learn in life. Kevin has a tenuously related example of empathy in his sex life so we talk about sex again. Oliver says he has to go home and we shout, “You absolute cock” at him. Oliver says he’ll see us at work tomorrow and leaves (Kevin’s second piss, Kevin’s second round of lagers). Kevin talks about his girlfriend. Kevin cries and I tell him that he should cry it all out (my second piss) but to keep the noise down a bit. We leave after Kevin has sorted himself out (Kevin’s third piss) and we make our own ways home (my third piss) to sleep.

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