Barbie, Princess of Tides

1. Barbie in: The lsland Princess TO
Barbie in: The Island Princess of Dr. Moreau

Barbie’s back, in another colorful, animated adventure! Barbie stars as the beautiful but enigmatic UN peace negotiator Edwina Douglas. Shipwrecked on a remote island — far away from her usual pink convertibles and castles — Barbie befriends the animals she meets, only to find her new animal friends are not what they seem!

2. Barbie in: The 12 Dancing Princesses TO
Barbie in: 12 Dancing Monkeys

Barbie is given a stunning makeover in this thrilling animated tale. See Barbie as the beautiful but enigmatic Jamie Cole, a time traveling convict from the future — who literally doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going! Join Barbie as she tries to stop her new animal-loving friends from destroying civilization. Will Barbie save the whole world?

3. Barbie in Fairytopia: Magic Of The Rainbow TO
Barbie in: the Magic of the Serpent & the Rainbow

Barbie portrays the beautiful but headstrong anthropologist Denise Alan in this magical film. Join the intrepid explorer as she goes to exotic Haiti to investigate rumors of voodoo magic — that turns people into zombies! Hear Barbie cry the famous lines “Hey guys! Don’t let them bury me! I’m not dead! …Guys?”

4. Barbie in: Mermaidia TO
Barbie in: Abyssia

Barbie’s adventures continue in this action-packed animated fantasy. See Barbie as the beautiful but ornery Virginia “Buddie” Brigman, as she leads her grumpy oil rig crew through a wondrous undersea world! When the US Navy loses a nuclear submarine under mysterious circumstances, Barbie is enlisted to help — but what should have been a routine search and rescue is anything but! Watch as Barbie and her new animal friends brave crushing pressure and crazed SEALS to save the world — again!

5. Barbie in: The Princess & the Pauper TO
Barbie in: The Princess of Tides

The beloved doll has never been braver than in this heartfelt animated adventure. Watch Barbie as the beautiful but dogged Dr. Susan Lowenstein. Desperate to unlock the secret of a suicidal patient’s self-destruction, Barbie presses handsome brother Tom to be his sister’s memory. But the last thing Tom wants to do is remember, especially his childhood tiger friend! Watch as Tom discovers the only thing worse than not remembering — is not sharing!

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