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Sixty-eight pages of original oddities from Graham Roumieu (Me Write Book), Robert Munsch (Love You Forever) and two-dozen writers, poets, and illustrators this world has yet to discover. This Review is a high- and low-brow magazine that sits well on your coffee table or next to your toilet to be enjoyed daily or weekly, depending on the frequency with which you drink coffee or tend your internal plumbing.

• A Dip in Hemingway’s Pool, author Richard Taylor’s stealthy intrusion into the literary icon’s pool
• A Select Bibliography of William Shakespeare’s Plays in a Series of Haiku, poet Lisa Xing’s imagination at its best, (King Lear: I was dumb, gave land / to two daughters. They in turn / turned on me. Bitches…) that sort of thing
• Plus works by familiar contributors Iain Marlow, Ernie Scott, Matt Goerzen, Kamila Mlynarczyk and many more