Issue 9


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Winner of the Gold Award for Best Single Issue and Silver Award for Humour at the 2012 National Magazine Awards!

A modern magazine presented in classic form. It might look like a newspaper, but it’s actually a magazine. The Feathertale Review #9 is our wordiest issue yet. Heavily inspired by nineteenth-century magazines, this issue looks somewhat like a nineteenth-century newspaper that has been lost in time and packaged inside an eight-by-ten-inch slipcase.

Featuring three dozen stories and poems and a whole lot of art guaranteed to entertain, headlines include:
— Top diplomat shoots Vladimir Putin’s tiger
— Mark Twain disintegrated after scientist spills latte
— Legendary castrato’s sordid secret revealed
— Eccentric inventor dies while dancing with 80-year-old twins
— Swiss population missing, believed sucked into vortex
— Exclusive: violin more than just chin guitar after all
— Feathertale writer shot by Nazi shortly after finding Jesus
— Hair-raising royal scandal exposed
— Plus: a 2,700-word sentence