Issue 3


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Humour that’s guaranteed to stimulate and lull – AT THE SAME TIME! Our third issue contains work by 48 highly evolved simians spread over 72 pages.

• Fortune Cookies for the Not-So Fortunate, writer Mike Richardson-Bryan’s imagination at its best (Your death throes will be mistaken for street theatre; You will never truly be comfortable with emoticons . . . ) that sort of thing
• Dark & Stormy Waters, the true story of Richard Taylor’s swim down the River Thames with Lord Byron’s ghost
• Portrait of an, um, Artist, a seven-page comic strip by Montreal-based artist Matt Goerzen
• Plus poetry inspired by a Norman Rockwell print, a chronology of a day in the life of J.D. Salinger, artwork by Graham Roumieu (Me Write Book) and work by familiar contributors Gavin McCarthy, Alejandro Cardona, Greg Santos and many more.