Issue 2


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Eighty pages of high- and low-brow discombobulated quirkiness by writers, poets and artists from around the world. Please note: Persons attempting to find humour in this Review will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find ecumenical truth in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a linear structure in it will be shot.

• Three Astonishing Tales of a South African Minibus Taxi Driver, fiction from the streets of Johannesburg by James Clarke
• Dinner with Tiff An Aspiring Writer’s Impromptu Reading, Richard Taylor’s memoirs of a supper with TImothy Findley
• The Feathertale Cartoon Review, sixteen pages of comics and cartoons including A Tribute to Fallen Superheroes, The Invasion of the Pod Peopleand Blue Haired Crime by Matt Hammill, Gavin McCarthy and Jamie Tucker
• Plus doodles by Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid’s Tale), artwork by Graham Roumieu (Me Write Book) and work by familiar contributors Michael Spring, Lisa Zaran, Greg Santos and many more.