Issue 11


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Half the width, twice the length of previous Reviews. Our 11th issue is 128 pages of impure fun. Featuring the same type of satirical poetry, fiction and illustrations you’ve come to expect from previous issues, this Review manages to read, feel and look more like a book than a magazine.

This issue includes:
– An interview with Lynn Coady
– 35,984 words edited and typeset by part-time professionals
– Adventures from the Bourbon Trail (circa 1887)
– Monty Python’s botched attempt to butcher the Queen
– 128 pages featuring every shade of the colour black

Plus fiction, art and poetry by en ever expanding crop of contributors, including: Cathal Kelly (columnist with the Toronto Star), Aaron Hutchins (contributor to Maclean’s magazine), Iain Marlow (reporter for The Globe and Mail), and more.