Issue 27


The most shareable magazine ever. Featuring 58 postcards that are so special, you’ll want to rip them from these pages.



From the type of people who preferred the world before social media comes a perforated magazine bound by glue painted blue and designed to be shareable. No algorithms were used in tailoring this issue to meet your wants or needs. Instead, Every poem, illustration and piece of flash fiction has been thoughtfully curated by a small team of humans whose only goal is to entertain you and inspire you to share these pages with others. So, go ahead: rip this issue apart and let it go viral.


  • A pragmatic penguin
  • A steaming heap of canine excrement
  • Notes on the unsexiest place in the world
  • A black hole sucking hard for attention
  • An incomprehensible dispatch from Burning Man
  • Emilia Clarke (or someone who resembles her) in a grocery store


Additional information

Weight .447 kg
Dimensions 20.32 × 12.7 × 4.3 cm