Issue 14


Nominated for Best Single Issue of a magazine by the National Magazines Award Foundation

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“The best issue of Feathertale since the last issue of Feathertale.”
— The Editors


The end result of a creative and social experiment: a magazine with two beginnings and no end presented to you like something that resembles an old vinyl record. Like an LP, this issue has two sides, which we have labelled Side A and Side B. Unlike a traditional LP, the two sides of this magazine are equal in merit. The stories, poems and illustrations you will find on the B-side are just as mildly entertaining as those on the A-side.

Now for the inherent complexity: on the A-side you will find fifteen poems and stories, each of which has a counterpart on the B-side. Here’s how it works: We recently reached out to thirty writers and told them we had fifteen story titles they could choose to write from. Some of the titles were meant to become five-thousand-word narratives. Others were better suited for hundred-word poems or two-hundred-word lists. Each writer could take on one title, but each title required two writers. The pairings were not meant to spur a creative duel, but rather a creative duality. In our correspondence to writers, we explained our impossibly grand vision like so: “In the end we suspect we’ll be able to demonstrate the very essence of creativity: that no two minds actually think alike.”

Highlights from this issue include:
— A vegan guide to cannibalism
— Wisdom from Degrassi Street
— Little Miss Muffet after the tuffet
— Love in the time of sarsaparilla
— Memoirs of a troubled goat
— A tribute to James Garner
— The intricate sex life of a seahorse
Plus: “Eat Shit and Thrive — The Life of a Dung Beetle That Competed as a Jeopardy! Contestant” and more! This issue is 152 pages in length and contains work by 45 writers, poets and artists. Buy it today and receive a free bookmark and a limited-edition Feathertale greeting card.