Eat It


Sex, Food & Women’s Writing

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Feathertale is pleased to present EAT IT, a tasty collection of new writing from women about food—all its finger-lickin’ glory and tangy cultural complications.

EAT IT is both a special issue of The Feathertale Review and a stand alone book. It’s an irreverent, clever and touching anthology that hinges on the carnal. It’s a tasting menu of unique, genre-spanning stories that explore what it means to be a woman who’s hungry for more.

What’s the best way to poison one’s husband? What happens when the body itself becomes a source of food? Can a potato be political? EAT IT ’s contributors explore these questions and more with equal parts humour and gravitas, revealing that for many women food is about love but also power, biology, social obligation, experimentation, nourishment, pain and pleasure.

The anthology is packed with fiction, essays, poems, comedy, drama, recipes and more from authors Jennifer Bain, Denise Balkissoon, Sarah Barmak, Nicole Baute, Katie Daubs, Tu Anh Dinh, Stacey May Fowles, Brianna Goldberg, Faye Harnest, Sara Hennessey, Trish Hennessy, Amy Jones, Bronwyn Kienapple, Julia Kilpatrick, Jessica Kluthe, Rebecca Kohler, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, Lu Lam, Margo LaPierre, Victoria Martinez, Samantha Mehra, Alexandra Molotkow, Jessica Moss, Kristin Nelson, Kristine Owram, Maya Reid, Evany Rosen, Sarah Selecky, Lauren Spring, Lori Weidenhammer and Jessica Westhead.