Plenty Fish

“hi” and “:)”

Wait for response
Make a joke about how hard it is to meet guys online
“I watch a lot of MTV Canada”
“that’s not what criterion means”
IM: Hi. What are you up to?
What’s Friendster?
don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a “date,”
I only go on dudesnude to see who I know.
txt’d “I’m already seeing someone” translation “I drank two pitchers liked you.”
“you’re sweating a lot.”
“sorry, I’ve never been on a date with a guy before.”
weed as recreation, “but how do you get the feta to be dry like it is on the

he was married with two kids, but now he is
gay, single and ready to mingle
“don’t worry, the divorce is happening.”
IM: I was just on MSN and you were on Manhunt, did you block me?!?!
“I really wish they had Choose Your Own Adventure for adults.”
don’t tell him he’s bad in bed, just say it’s because you don’t like his haircut
“that’s not a bear, that’s a garbage bin.”
Someone will always tell you there are
plenty of fish
in the sea

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