Getting the Picture

To make sure
it looked like
she was reading
rather than waiting up
for Richard,
Jane grabbed a book,
plumped her pillows
and propped herself
against them.
From that vantage point
she could watch for
suspicious behaviour,
like the time
he bought a bottle of
Night of Olay Forming Cream.
“You bought face cream?” Jane asked.
“Who are you trying to impress?”

“You always tell me
how young I look for my age,”
Richard answered.
“And I want to keep it that way.”
Clever boy, Jane thought.
Rather than draw attention
to the furtive technique
he’d used to avoid
a straight answer,
Jane smiled and said,
“You’re my Dorian Gray.”
Then she made
a mental note
to hire
a private detective
in the morning,
and fell asleep
if that’s why
they were called

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