Bip Bip

what does it mean to you. only bip bip bip
until we give it meaning. until we socialize it.
to carve it on desks and trees.
to you it is perhaps the language of the cursor
on your blank computer screen going bip bip bip
to itself for hours like a madman madly tapping.
or perhaps the language of our faucets
or the sadness of our faucets going bip bip bip
to the towel rack. is bip to me as it is to miguel.
is bip bip a terrible insult to him.
a curse on his whole family.
does it open doors or transport caskets.
or maybe bip is the pony and bip bip the horse.
either way i’ll leave you now with a bip bip here
and a bip bip there. here a bip there a bip.
everywhere a bip bip.

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