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About Story Mountain Workshops

Story Mountain Workshops offer children and youth a creative way to express themselves in print and online. Using curriculum created and tested by Feathertale’s staff in consultation with educators, we partner with the Boys & Girls Club of Toronto to host a range of creative writing workshops geared to inspire and teach local youth to create their own stories. […]

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About the Bully-Boy Project

Feathertale has spent a decade working with educators across the country to minimize the bystander factor in schools in an effort to empower children and youth to stand together against the mistreatment of their peers. Financed by the United Way and published by the Ottawa Sun, the first issue of The MISadventures of Bully-Boy & […]

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The safe word is Dorothy

They say the Minotaur was a hideous beast who chewed on the flesh of virgins But he was probably just a deformed old Greek who hid in a cave until some disgruntled teenager wandered in with a knife and shanked him Which is kind of a scary story Especially if you’re a funny-looking pervert Say what you […]

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