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Just across the fence I watch a bull who has his nose up to the moist rear end of a cow chewing her cud nonchalantly with her tail straight out, pretending she isn’t a little tart, as the bull with his enormous tongue and his fleshy dripping nostrils, takes another long whiff from deep in […]

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Juniper Berries

Justin MacJitterss Is a jolly good juggler Who just left his job in the circus Jerry von Jogger Is often called Junior And eats Jujubes in June with a spoon Justin and Jerry Were waiting for Jesse Jig-Jiggleson To blast them away to the moon But the blast off came early And their ship took […]

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The Romantic Life

He bought her a rose It died in her hand He baked her banana cake Anaphylaxis kicked in He gave her a puppy It peed on her skirt He took her skating Her head took eight stitches He threw a pebble at her window It shattered the glass He tinkered with her engine It blew […]

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