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Excerpts from a Celestial Exchange Between God and Lucifer on the Stability of the Free Will Engine and Its Ramifications on Society

Dear God, In relation to your query on the stability of the free will engine, we must inform you of the following structural errors that look to jeopardize the project: The integrity of the program relies solely on the good versus evil dynamic. By giving subjects the ability for evil, they in turn will associate […]

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If You’ve Never Seen John Carpenter’s The Thing, Disregard This, or Go Watch It

SCENE:┬áIn a lone cabin deep in the Antarctic, heavily dressed men in heavy beards sit huddled around a dying fire. One man, with the heaviest and most neatly trimmed beard, points a flame-thrower at various people and objects in the room while simultaneously shouting masculine threats and theories. Meanwhile, two men whisper to each other […]

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