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Baby Gate-Bot FAQ

Where should I install Baby Gate-Bot? One of the primary advantages of using Baby Gate-Bot instead of a traditional baby gate is that Baby Gate-Bot can be installed anywhere within sight of the threshold to be blocked. Put it on a nearby wall, out of obvious view on the ceiling, or in an open transom […]

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Note from the author: Returning from a long and arduous journey rarely leaves me in the mood to write, and sex usually uses up my creative energy. But once in a while, the unthinkable occurs. A writing leakage bursts forth like a bottle of cheap bubbly shaken by a braying and guffawing ass. “Aged to […]

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Eyebrow Merger

In order to make sure that the proposed merger is the best option for all parties involved, we have commissioned this study. This may well prove to be the best tool we have to determine if we should go forward. John Rogerson Vice President of Acquisitions East Eyebrow, Inc. *** From the face of Matt […]

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