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Alligator Farm

The man at the alligator farm Put on the most terrific show. Displaying no fear whatsoever, He took charge of the situation And engaged the snapping, Tail whipping, twisting reptiles With the savoir faire Of the devil may care. Spectators where held in A sense of wonderment And awe.  Particularly, When he forcefully pried Huge reptilian jaws apart With his hooks (once […]

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Santa Claus Has Popcorn Balls

“Santa Claus has popcorn balls! Is that what I heard you say? Come here, you little shit. You’ll feel my belt today. “and here’s some soap, Take a bite of this. Who taught you to talk that way? That’s vile and disgusting. What a filthy thing to say. “Now get your cryin’ ass to bed. […]

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