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A Cannibal Menu: “An Evening With The Stars

Starters: – Susan Sontag Salad with a Gruyere Steve Guttenberg Crouton – Tagliatelle Tarantino with Saffron Nora Ephron – Roasted Lardo Al Roker Entree: – Hearty Martha Stewart Stew with Okra Winfrey and Spiced Mario Batali’s Balls – Cubed Cuba Gooding Jr. with Shaken Ass of Shakira, served with Soylent Greens (Tom and Seth) -Ground […]

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The Stages of Daily Career Daydreams

9:05 – Denial Wokka wokka, world! The world’s greatest chucklefest is waiting to spring forth from my supple comedic writing loins in a messy orgasm of wacky hijinks and belly guffaws! Sure, I get distracted writing anything longer than a page, and still pretend that getting paid per word writing for the college newspaper counts […]

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