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Garage Sale

For sale: water-stained eyes (two for the price of one!), an ego (only slightly bruised!), and more. Take a walk through A.C. Diamanti’s garage sale, you are sure to spot a deal.

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I A lazy summer’s eve. My wife and I decide to break a mostly teetotalling habit and have a drink to keep the lurking humidity at bay. I decide to mix cold orange juice with vodka from a dusty, half-empty bottle that has languished in exile, hidden in a desolate cupboard, undisturbed, for longer than I […]

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Henry VIII Discusses Real Estate with Thomas Cranmer, or Always Remember Who You’re Talking To

Henry VIII loved owning houses and property, especially stately mansions and castles. He had a habit of exchanging his lesser-valued lands with the more valuable properties of his nobles and wealthy citizens. One day, meeting with Thomas Cranmer, The Archbishop of Canterbury, Henry said that he wished to exchange some of his property for Cranmer’s […]

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