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Bigger Man

She says about her groceries Sitting languid in the cart “Do you take these out or do I have to do it?” You have to do it, and guess what I say as I glance at her haul, When you get home You’ll have to crack the Brazil nuts too, And with those two brittle […]

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When Worlds Collide

I’ve heard people joke about it, But I have never seen Hanging breasts that threaten To cross the equator of a belt line. But here she is, This woman walking toward me, Her tight brown sweater, A swaying mammary hammock, Doing frighteningly little to avoid The inevitable collision Of breast and belt buckle.

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I sit on the couch Today, thinking of haikus. Nothing comes to mind. Wait, here’s one: Birds choke and die on the gum I spit out on the street, where they croak. I think I must be the greatest hunter on earth: all the gum I chew!

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