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Death: A List

Die. Try not to make it too messy, if at all possible. Do not go into the light. You are not a firefly. Attend your own funeral to see who shows up. Notice Cousin Jesse is the most upset. Try to console her and realize she can feel your presence, which makes her shiver. Discover: […]

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Etch A Sketch

His eyes trace lines along my body Turning me into the Etch A Sketch Woman of his dreams I appraise him from every angle Decide I’d shake-a-shake-a-shake Erase and redraw

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I Worry

I’ll wake up to a homeless guy peeing on me in a ditch somewhere. I’ll end up dating someone who plays with his nipples in a restaurant while talking about how soup isn’t a meal, it’s a snack. I’ll have another sexy dream about David Suzuki. I’ll strive for greatness, and end up with a […]

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